Back from the future!!!

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First off my apologies for letting you sit at your computer clicking the refresh button awaiting my next blog post (your index finger is most likely suffering RSI). I’ve been a busy man this first half of the year. Life has brought a lot of ups and downs. More ups than downs thankfully. One in particular was the time spent down on the south coast of NSW with some good friends. I must say it was a long 10 days. It rained every single day and there isn’t much to do apart from wander around looking for potential waves and have a few beers with your mates. By the seventh day some swell had finally decided to join us. We were able to get some fun 3ft waves but the rain was still hanging around making it near impossible to get a decent shot. From a photographic point of view things couldn’t get much worse, from the long walks in the rain lugging my 10kg pelican case full of photographic equipment to the flat dull boring grey skies!  This was going to be a long 10days away!!!


However on my last day of the trip the sun decided to come out and play. I quickly jumped in the water and was able to get a few quick frames.



This golden empty will be available for purchase on a 30x20inch metallic print for $100 for the print only. The store will be up soon.