Busy bee!

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It’s been two weeks since returning from the beautiful Island of Oahu and I haven’t made a blog post since. My apologise….

I’ve been having some technical difficulties with my main computer, currently awaiting to hear back from the manufacturer of my screen, hopefully it gets fixed soon because I have a heap of photo’s I’m eager to show you.

I’ve decided to do a quick little edit from one of the shots in Pupukea Hawaii. This was an amazing sunset for me. I was a little nervous with the location as I was shooting on top of sharp volcanic rocks whilst waves crash to the left, right and in front of me. I shot this with my Canon 7D and a 10-22mm lens, lee filters and a remote to hold the shutter speed for 60 seconds. The little mark up the top left is a star. The scene was literally dark when taking this photo and the only reason I stopped was because I had to try and navigate my way through 80 metres of volcanic rock without a torch.

Here is one of my good friend who is training to compete in his first year of a body sculpting competition. Working in a gym with not much room made things a little trickier than expected. I shot this with my Canon 7D, 2x Einstein strobe lights one in with a beauty dish as the main light and the other is bare as a rim light. The rim light helps separate the background from the models head.

More of these to follow.