The catchup - Hawaii

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Day 3

Today was the first day I took my camera out to shoot the surf. I decided not to take the water housing and to see the setup of OTW, Backdoor and pipeline. OTW was pumping with some of the best waves I have ever seen. I watched a surfer get a 15 second barrel and fly out the barrel after the spit. The on lookers all cheered and clapped. Was the best barrel I have seen in my life! WOW  (WOOOPAAHHHH)

Pipe empty!

I was able to meet some pretty cool guys who all froth on body boarding, Rich Lornie a videographer who has filmed some unreal footage from around the world. Check out his vimeo page. SOOO SICK


Jase Finlay who said he had to make his push bike to be able to ride it, funny enough Sacha Specker had recently posted on Facebook that someone had stolen his bike seat from Pipeline….Coincident…I think not.


The wind was blowing onshore all day today so I decided to go for a snorkel. Got some self portrait shots…..ENJOY