The count down.

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Hawaii has been an incredible journey and an amazing experience. It’s been a real eye opener to see the skill level of wave riding on the North shore. We have 1 more day left on the island


The waves and people have been dakine bra and it makes me want to get out and travel the world more and most definitely stop here again. I really wish I had organised my own car instead of using my mates, not that it hasn’t been great travelling with friends to certain locations but I’m the type of person that has a vision in his head and would drive to locations at specific times.


Here is a shot I’ve been holding onto for some time waiting to get a portrait shot of Shaun Petersen. Shaun is one of the great fellas that have been staying in my house over the last 3 weeks.


And on another note a few of my Facebook readers would’ve noticed I have created a new tab on my website called “downloads”. This is where all the free content it for you guys and girls to download. Over time I’m hoping I have a good collection of free pictures for your desktop and I hope you can daydream whilst you’re grinding away in the office. You will note I have created a donation button that links to my paypal account. If you want to donate some money for the use of the photo then please do. I value everyone’s support but I won’t be able to continue to supply downloadable content without your help.