Currumbin Alley Sunset – Jon Wright photo

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Dark and gloomy morning filled with shades of grey, clouds resembling smoke from a bushfire or a chimney on a cold winters night. The sun began to shine through and light was seen for miles, the perfect combination of elements for the seasonal photographer. Time passed and people’s lives slowly withered away one step at a time, one push of a “like” button and one tweet to an unknown fan. What are you here for?

The Easter weekend crowd filled the car parks from far and wide like the Easter bunny fills the hare he wishes to mate with. Pests, crowding the shores of the Gold coast and it would seem impossible to compose a photograph without a rabbit popping up in the scene. Kids running, parents screaming, where is the isolation on the Gold coast? Getaway said it was…………….. This was supposed to be a get away, but the only term to use this is whilst the sunsets before my eyes. Within 10 minutes my Currumbin Sunset will disappear and so will the crowds.


The reflections in the alley mimic that of most photographers, each trying to capture a unique view, capture that shot that will make people stop and stare. From top, to the bottom, as photographers we are all chasing that magic photo. Suddenly, the crowds separated as if Moses himself was standing in front of me, separating the crowds that would other wise ruin a photo.


This is what we have been waiting for. That special moment, that time to shine through the crowds and onto the land where we mark our territory. The horizon in the distance, we can see the light, oh so close but will we ever reach the edge? This is it, peace in a world over populated with technology, I sit, staring through my viewfinder and realise what I am witnessing……………………………………….