Day 4 - 5 - The rain

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The first couple days were everything we had hoped for, sun, surf, babes and good times. The tides have turned and the rain has set in. Yesterday at sunset I checked to see if the sun would peak through near the horizon but there was no luck. The wind has turned onshore and the waves are big and messy. The only positve is the crowds out at Pipeline have disappeared because of this. I was able to catch one wave out there today and I got to test the waters to see how much of a sweep there is when you get past the sets. All of which is needed to feel comfortable shooting in the water.


Looking forward to the next offshore day!!!!!

Elliot Williams is one of the guys (14 year old kid….ha got you good sucker) who is staying with us in our house. Elliot rides for BSC and Turbo. The kid rips out in the surf and on the dancefloor, so he tells me anyway. Keep your eyes peeled for some shots of him body boarding soon.


 Profile shot of the young whipper snapper!

Some moody clouds setting over the Waimea bay made for an interesting shot. I had planned on getting up and around the rocks to the left but I left our house too late. Hopefully the weather clears up and some more shots will flock to your desktops.