A dogs day, animal portraits by Jon Wright photography

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So if you are one of my fantastic Facebook followers you would’ve noticed some cute little furry friends appearing on your news feed. This has been something I’ve wanted to complete for a very long time. As a kid I absolutely loved dogs, however I wasn’t allowed my own dog but was lucky enough to live next door to a Rhodesian ridgeback called “Indy”.

Let me run through some shots with you. Here we have the adorable little pug, her name is “Charlie”.

So here is how I created this shot.




1 x Paul C Buff Einstein with Pink gel

1 x Paul C Buff Einstein with reflector

1 x Paul C Buff with 22 inch white beauty dish

Canon 5DmkIII and Canon 100mm 2.8 lens.

Dragon images white paper background


The diagram below shows the positioning of my lights (distance my vary) You will see I have the main light, high and left of the camera. This is placed in a beauty dish and fairly close to the subject and pointing on a downwards angle. This helps control spill. I also have this lights modelling light on high to help with the pupils of our subject.

The light on the right has a reflector/snoot on it to control spill onto the white background. It also acts as a fill light into the left hand side of my subject.


The light on the left is gelled pink and pointed towards the white background.

Black backgrounds

These two are owned by my house mates and are a funny couple. To photography on the black background I had to change my lighting setup compared to the white background. Instead of pointing the lights to the backdrop, I’ve moved them to face the subject. These are acting as highlights or hair lights on my subjects. The idea of this is to ensure our subjects don’t fade away into the dark.

I have plenty more photos to share so make sure you head over to my Facebook page and get involved in the conversations. Also if you or a friend have some animals you would love photographed, please contact me at jon@jonwrightphoto.comfor pricing.