The flight of the turtles

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The swell has died of significantly on the north-shore of Oahu. Over the last couple of days we have been doing the tourist things like shopping, drinking, site seeing and partying in Waikiki. Today we decided to find some turtles for some underwater shots. The conditions for underwater shots weren’t the best, the sun was shining through every so often but the clouds were hanging around.

Here are two shots of Crush and Squirt “the turtles from Finding Nemo” GNARLY DUDE!


The Waimea bay was  full and the locals decided to start digging the trench so it can flow to the ocean. They do this to create a static wave similar to the flow rider on the Gold Coast. It took a while to get it going but by night time it was flowing pretty good. Here are some of the shots from the session. Long exposures for something different.