Gold Coast surf photography Straddie

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Over the next month I will be posting one blog a week about the ocean artwork I have taken over the last several years. I will include seascape photographs, underwater photography and surf photography. The love for the ocean and waves was built into my DNA, a family living just north of the Gold Coast and not far from the Sunshine coast we visited the beach regularly. From a very young age I remember one of the first times my father had taken me out on a boogie board up on the Sunshine coast of Australia. I remember we used to head up the north coast every Easter for a family holiday. My dad bought me a foam core body board, I had absolutely no idea what this contraption was or how I was even going to catch a wave on this thing. The first wave I caught though was all it I needed to be hooked.

To this day I find surfing and surf photography my way of meditation, being out in the ocean washes away all your worries of life and your key focus is the environment around you. There comes a times that you’re watching the shadows below you, you see a dorsal fin pop up in front of you and your heart races only to realise it is one of the most majestic animals on this earth, the bottlenose dolphin. The ocean is perfect but a moody place to be! I hope the images I post and share with you over the next few weeks, capture this emotion and love for the ocean I have.


This particular surf photograph from a well-known spot on the Gold Coast called, “South straddie” aka “Stradbroke island” or “T.O.S” was the first time I used my 70-200mm canon lens in the water. I was a little unsure on how it would perform being such a long lens, but started to get the hang of it.

A body boarder begins his descent into a wave as the rainbow on the wave is pitched behind the subject. A perfect feeling, a perfect view, who wouldn’t love this?