The hold!

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One of the hardest things about working full time and shooting so many photos is getting the time to update my blog and keep you frothers stoked! This one is from a few weekends ago. One of the best most fun sessions I’ve had in a long time..

Name/alias Elliot/Dubs

Sponsors? BSC/ Turbo surf designs 

Why bodyboard and not surf stand up? cause i aint no punk

Who are your favourite rider on the IBA? Winny cause he’s the king

Favourite local riders and why? kel boss cause he’s one ruthless dawwwg

Most recent surf adventures and what experiences did you gain? Hawaiiiiiii. best month of my life. get respect, then use and abuse the fuck out of it and become one power tripping nut job

Favourite saying? ill bury you c*nt

Scrunch or fold and why? fold cause im classy like that 

What are your thoughts on Sick...... SICKENING !!!! hahaha it’s ruthless. he just needs to use his skills on the women and then he will be bad ass.

BSC Elliot Williams