Impromptu photo journey

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This is something that dawned upon me whilst driving in my car. With my camera in the bag, filters, 10-22mm lense and a full tank of petrol I decided to head west toward Hinze dam. Destination unknown! The idea is to find a location to shoot before sunset and if the sun is setting stop where you’re and make the most of your location. Drive down a road that you haven’t driven down before and try and find a location you want to shoot when the sun is setting.


It was getting close to sunset and I stumbled across this little paddock full of cows and a few trees. I waited for 20minutes waiting for the sun to go down and for those 5minutes or less (excuse the fast and furious pun) I composed, re-composed and adjusted my settings until I had achieved the shot I wanted.

To me this photo is more than just about colour, composition and detail. It represents most of our human’s lives. Often we are unsure of what our destination is, sure we might know where we want to go, but sometimes that’s not where the road will take us. A detour here, a detour there, should we be concerned that our journey may via in another direction? NO of course not, this is what makes us who we are, this is what gives us those experiences in life that we need to be successful. Our journey is what makes us who we are and those little detours and how we handle those impromptu moments is what shapes our lives for the future. This particular photo has a small section of the road visible, most of us can see what’s in front of us, but do we dare venture further to realise our true destiny? Our true potential as human beings?