Jarrod Sanderson – House of Supplements - Sponsorship success

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Today I found out one of my clients has successfully gained a sponsorship deal with the House of Supplements & King Sport Industries Team. This is now the second athlete that I have taken photos for that has gone on to use the photos to secure sponsorship deals. The sportraits I offer are of the highest quality and are proven to help with getting prospective sponsors attention. What is a sportrait? It’s a play on words that mixes together portrait photography and action photography. A sportrait is a photo of you “the client” doing what they love doing “your chosen sport”. So if you’re an enthusiastic athlete or someone who loves their sport and is wanting some top quality photography, then make sure you contact me. I have a team that will work on tailoring a concept that will give you that extra punch. I use high quality equipment and personal to make sure we get the photo you are wanting.


One of Jarrod’s photos he used to get their attention.


Make sure you head on over to the house of supplements and once again well done Jarrod, keep up the hard work and dedication.