Lake Moogerah panorama photograph.

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This was taken on the 01/01/2013 at Lake Moogerah just west of Brisbane CBD. This was the first time I ventured out this way and was a little lost with my location. The flies were killing me on a particular route I went, so I back tracked and went towards the entrance. The sun was probably 10 minutes away from setting so I made a quick decision and ventured down to the banks whilst dodging cow pooh.

Three shot pano – This is a three shot pano, each individual image was taken one after the other. The three shots are edited in lightroom and then exported as a jpeg file. From there all three shots are open in photoshop cs6 and then automated photomerge will produce the blend for you. It doesn’t stop there though, if you’re a perfectionist like myself, you will want to go over the whole image and make sure there are nice clean lines (although photoshop does a great job).

Camera equipment used

Canon 5DmkIII – ISO 50 – F16 – 30second exposure on each image.

Canon 17-40mm @35mm

Lee filter holder kit with 2 filters on there, (can’t remember exact filters but I think it was a Daryl Benson 4 stop reverse ND and maybe a 0.6 ND grad soft.)

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