Landscape photography – The beginning

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You’re probably aware that one of my true passions is surf photography. I also appreciate and love a good landscape photo. However it has only been recently that I have been able to get my hands on a Lee filter kit and some ND grad filters. For those of you who are scratching your heads wondering “what on earth is a Lee filter kit” it’s an essential piece of equipment for any serious landscape photographer. Instead of your standard circular filters these are designed to either be 4inch x 4inch or 4inch by 6inch. The beauty with these is the ability to even out your exposure. So for instance you have a really bright sky and you’re trying to capture the details in the sky and the foreground. Without these filters you will have to compromise either the detail in the foreground or the details in the sky. This is where the ND (neutral density) filters come in handy. For the moment I have only purchased the graduated ND filters but it’s also possible to get a reverse ND grad filer which is especially helpful with sunrise and sunset shots.


I received these toys from different parts of the world, some from Holland, some from Hong Kong and the rest from America, in total it had taken over 3 weeks to have all items under one roof. During the past week I’ve been itching to get up early and try them out. Today was the first day using these new toys of mine and I must say they were a little bit fiddly to start off with. Perhaps it was the fact my hands had been frozen from the cold 5 degrees and the wind chill. However the results that can be achieved are fantastic and it’s only the beginning of a new era. Here are two shots using the new kit. Both have been taken with a Lee 0.6 ND grad and a Lee Sunset 2 graduated filter.



Be sure to keep an eye out for my landscape photo's in the coming months.

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