Online store update

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My online store is now active and completely functioning. Currently we have 4 images that have been printed on 30x20inch kodak MC metallic paper from a professional lab. These surf images look incredible on print. It’s as simple as clicking on the item you would like to purchase and clicking “add to cart”. From there you have the option of continuing to shop or checking out. Once you check out you will be redirected to your paypal account which will allow you to make the payment. If you haven’t got a paypal account you can create one here.

As the hours and minutes go by, products will be added and my store will expand so you can cover your room/apartment/house/building with visual radness from I am also collaborating with another artist who will be creating some extremely unique frames for the next batch of items. Further to this, if you are a friend on my facebook page, you can order the products online..

It’s been a long time since I have taken a surf photo, possibly over 2months now, SIGH.  I thought I better show some photo's that have never been seen before apart from Riptide magazine and myself. I have been holding onto a few empty wave shots from Duranbah beach, waiting to hear back from magazines. Typically though, they keep the pictures on file and do nothing with them until their bi monthly magazine is produced and in stores, whilst you (the photographer)  have been sitting at your desk, waiting for their reply, dreaming of a double page spread. The fact I work a 9-5 job makes it hard to be in the right spot at the right time. To me it seems like the swell and wind never coincides with my weekend or the time I have off from work. For the weekend warrior 2011 hasn’t been a great year for us. If it’s not flat it’s too windy and onshore and if there are waves then there is rain. I constantly see the surf report looking good during the week and dying off by the Friday and dissipating into the weekend..

With that in mind, the last couple of shots I got were a few months ago. It was the weekend of the QAB and most of the local body boarders were up on the Sunshine coast competing. Meanwhile Aeolus (greek god of wind) decided to help his ol'  friend out Poseidon (god of the sea) and turned the winds offshore, it was 3p.m. in the afternoon and I raced down to Duranbah beach, as I pulled up into the parking lot I see a smoking right hand barrel and Rob Laurie getting absolutely pitted off his nut. Unfortunately for me it was his last wave and no one else was out to dominate the 4-6ft barrels. Here is an empty shot from just after Rob left the car park.

This is one of my favourite black and whites. The detail, the depth and the composition really appeals to my eyes.