The salt kingdom – Ocean images from the Gold coast Australia.

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When I woke up in the early hours of the morning to head down to the beach I was so excited with what the reports were indicating. I was like a little kid on Christmas day, eager to wake his parents to open up the presents Santa had left for him. I arrived at the beach just in time to photograph the sunrise on the Gold coast, I noticed how amazing the weather was and how clear the water would be by mid morning. Beautiful waves rolling through to the shore, making it ideal for some shore break photography.

As the sun had risen high into the sky so did the clarity in the water, the fish were swimming through the water as the waves crashed onto the surface. Shooting this underwater photograph was exactly what I had hoped for when I woke in the morning. Hours upon hours were spent in the ocean photographing the waves this day, from above and below the water, I hadn’t had breakfast or eaten any meals until 11AM as I was filled with excitement and didn’t want to leave.


Underwater photography on the Gold coast can sometimes be a hit and miss; thankfully I was finally rewarded with all the perfect conditions and a vision I’ve wanted to capture for a very long time. Photos of the ocean and images of waves in particular are something I truly love to capture, the fresh water temperatures and the amazing feeling of floating around with the ocean is absolute bliss.

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