Under the bridge

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I’ve wanted to get out in the great outdoors with my pro lights for quite some time. Finally the rain held off and my roommate was able to spend a bit of time with me taking some photos.



Jarrod loves his bodybuilding and fitness; if he isn’t training he is cooking! (Usually egg whites) Unfortunately nothing like masterchef. We originally planned for this to be in a completely different location but his gf’s keys got stolen from a nearby location (JERKS). We headed north and I instantly thought this location could be really cool but was a little worried about the sun in the sky. I shot this at f10 to try and keep the buildings in focus and to also help reduce the brightness of the sky.


I used 2x Paul C.Buff Einstein strobes for this shot, one to the camera left high and into a beauty dish, and one bare and to the right of the model. The Einstein’s triggered with my pocket wizards plus two’s and also the pocket wizard mini. The best thing about these things is they will always fire and will never fail on you. I originally had cheap ebay triggers and it really made me look like an amateur when dealing with the models. Having the reliability of the pocket wizards made it a lot easier to engage with the model.


If you’re into fitness and are looking for some photos to show of your lean physique then shoot me an email and we can organise something.