When life gives you melons, you’re dyslexic!

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As I lay down on my bed like a blue tongue lizard full from indulging in snails all afternoon, I begin to wonder when the next swell will hit the gold coast. It has been a solid 2.5 months since I have seen or caught a wave of decent proportions.

The surf is flat in surfer’s paradise. At best an oxymoron.

The gold coast 600 attracts thousands of people onto the streets of the gold coast and some of which are nothing but morons who can’t drive.  The drive for me isn’t a weekend of racing and crashes that somewhat resemble choreographed mayhem. It is the ambition to share art in the form of an image captured using my Canon 7D. Perhaps a trip to Hawaii is on the horizon, I can see it like the south swell that passes the gold coast. February 2012…..

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