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Jarrod Sanderson – House of Supplements - Sponsorship success

Posted: 18 March 2013 - 9:13pm


Today I found out one of my clients has successfully gained a sponsorship deal with the House of Supplements & King Sport Industries Team. This is now the second athlete that I have taken photos for that has gone on to use the photos to secure sponsorship deals. The sportraits I offer are of the highest quality and are proven to help with getting prospective sponsors attention. What is a sportrait? It’s a play on words that mixes together portrait photography and action photography. A sportrait is a photo of you “the client” doing what they love doing “your chosen sport”. So if you’re an enthusiastic athlete or someone who loves their sport and is wanting some top quality photography, then make sure you contact me. I have a team that will work on tailoring a concept that will give you that extra punch. I use high quality equipment and personal to make sure we get the photo you are wanting.


One of Jarrod’s photos he used to get their attention.


Make sure you head on over to the house of supplements and once again well done Jarrod, keep up the hard work and dedication.


Rule of thirds - Landscape photography

Posted: 7 March 2013 - 8:20pm


A Simple photography tip.
One of the most important things in photography is finding an appropriate subject to take a photo of.
Without it, there really is no point in pressing that button. We need to find some sort of interest within
the scene, whether it’s a landscape photo, portrait, documentary or action sports photograph, we need
something to pop and get our attention.
The rule of thirds is probably the most basic of photography rules you will hear of. When I first picked
up a camera I had no idea about what composition was. I was happily clicking away, like
many people do, not paying attention to straight horizons or landmarks and where they were position in my frame. With a
little knowledge and understanding you can easily improve any of your photographs.
This is something everyone will be able to benefit from, especially with all the rave around
social media such as instagram and facebook.
If you look at the majority of my photos you will notice the main focal point is either to the left or right.
It’s very rarely in the centre. Below you will see an image taken at Rainbow bay on the Gold Coast.
Fortunately for me the weather in Queensland has been washing up all kinds of debris on the oceans
doorstep. I drove past this location and quickly doubled back. Set up my tripod and started to find a
good composition. You will notice the branch is on the axis of the two adjoining lines. “But Jon, there are
no lines”? Well let me make it a little easier for you. Scroll down a little further and I have drawn the lines
on there for you. You will notice there are 3 sections to the photo, both horizontally and vertically. IE the
rule of thirds. The idea behind this is to try and place key focal points at the intersections of those lines,
or nearby or in.
Rule of thirds - Lake Moogerah QLD Jon Wright photography
For Horizons we try and place them either at the top third or bottom third (may vary depending on the interest in your foreground or sky).
If your sky lacks interest and colour, then have a look at your foreground. Does it contain a lot of texture?
Now don’t get me wrong, rules are meant to be broken. You don’t have to take all photos like this, your
scene may be better shot on centre, but it all depends on what will help the viewer draw their attention into a key element of the photo.
So the next time you are taking a photo with your smart phone, try and practice this technique. You will
instantly notice a difference. In fact, if you’re on instagram or twitter. #jonwrightphoto @jonwrightphoto
and I will check them out.


A dogs day, animal portraits by Jon Wright photography

Posted: 1 March 2013 - 11:08am

So if you are one of my fantastic Facebook followers you would’ve noticed some cute little furry friends appearing on your news feed. This has been something I’ve wanted to complete for a very long time. As a kid I absolutely loved dogs, however I wasn’t allowed my own dog but was lucky enough to live next door to a Rhodesian ridgeback called “Indy”.

Let me run through some shots with you. Here we have the adorable little pug, her name is “Charlie”.

So here is how I created this shot.




1 x Paul C Buff Einstein with Pink gel

1 x Paul C Buff Einstein with reflector

1 x Paul C Buff with 22 inch white beauty dish

Canon 5DmkIII and Canon 100mm 2.8 lens.

Dragon images white paper background


The diagram below shows the positioning of my lights (distance my vary) You will see I have the main light, high and left of the camera. This is placed in a beauty dish and fairly close to the subject and pointing on a downwards angle. This helps control spill. I also have this lights modelling light on high to help with the pupils of our subject.

The light on the right has a reflector/snoot on it to control spill onto the white background. It also acts as a fill light into the left hand side of my subject.


The light on the left is gelled pink and pointed towards the white background.

Black backgrounds

These two are owned by my house mates and are a funny couple. To photography on the black background I had to change my lighting setup compared to the white background. Instead of pointing the lights to the backdrop, I’ve moved them to face the subject. These are acting as highlights or hair lights on my subjects. The idea of this is to ensure our subjects don’t fade away into the dark.

I have plenty more photos to share so make sure you head over to my Facebook page and get involved in the conversations. Also if you or a friend have some animals you would love photographed, please contact me at jon@jonwrightphoto.comfor pricing.


Byron Bay surf photography

Posted: 4 February 2013 - 8:38pm


As a surf photographer this past week has certainly been a relief in the visual aspects of the ocean and weather. Australia day weekend was wet and windy. Onshore winds and large seas erupted on the entire east coast and only a few breaks down in Sydney were firing. Sitting in my office looking at all the photos others posted on social media, I looked out side and tried to remember the last time I saw a descent wave.

Saturday 02/02/2013 Duranbah beach

After a long week of working 14 hour days I managed to head down to Duranbah beach. There were waves but it wasn’t the best conditions. None the less I got the camera out and snapped a few shots before going in for a swim. Shot with my canon 7D, Canon 100-400mm.

Sunday 03/02/2013 Byron Bay

I was uncertain if the trip further south would be worth my time or not, however I went down with some mates and found some fun little peaks and good winds. Here are a couple from the beach at Byron bay.



Under the bridge

Posted: 26 July 2012 - 9:04pm

I’ve wanted to get out in the great outdoors with my pro lights for quite some time. Finally the rain held off and my roommate was able to spend a bit of time with me taking some photos.



Jarrod loves his bodybuilding and fitness; if he isn’t training he is cooking! (Usually egg whites) Unfortunately nothing like masterchef. We originally planned for this to be in a completely different location but his gf’s keys got stolen from a nearby location (JERKS). We headed north and I instantly thought this location could be really cool but was a little worried about the sun in the sky. I shot this at f10 to try and keep the buildings in focus and to also help reduce the brightness of the sky.


I used 2x Paul C.Buff Einstein strobes for this shot, one to the camera left high and into a beauty dish, and one bare and to the right of the model. The Einstein’s triggered with my pocket wizards plus two’s and also the pocket wizard mini. The best thing about these things is they will always fire and will never fail on you. I originally had cheap ebay triggers and it really made me look like an amateur when dealing with the models. Having the reliability of the pocket wizards made it a lot easier to engage with the model.


If you’re into fitness and are looking for some photos to show of your lean physique then shoot me an email and we can organise something.