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The flight of the turtles

Posted: 24 February 2012 - 7:47am

The swell has died of significantly on the north-shore of Oahu. Over the last couple of days we have been doing the tourist things like shopping, drinking, site seeing and partying in Waikiki. Today we decided to find some turtles for some underwater shots. The conditions for underwater shots weren’t the best, the sun was shining through every so often but the clouds were hanging around.

Here are two shots of Crush and Squirt “the turtles from Finding Nemo” GNARLY DUDE!


The Waimea bay was  full and the locals decided to start digging the trench so it can flow to the ocean. They do this to create a static wave similar to the flow rider on the Gold Coast. It took a while to get it going but by night time it was flowing pretty good. Here are some of the shots from the session. Long exposures for something different.



The update

Posted: 20 February 2012 - 10:06am

It’s been a couple of days since my last blog post. I’ve been struggling to get the motivation to write about the events that have taken place over the last couple of days. I must say it’s been a busy busy life on the north shore of Oahu. The Pipeline challenge was nothing but amazing to watch in real life, the waves were pumping on most of the days and the atmosphere was incredible. I was able to meet several photographers that I have been looking up to over many years. The level of riding in the comp was outstanding, these guys rip!!! Check out fellow housemates and all round gnarly body-boarder dude Shaun Petersen’s video clips over the last couple of days. CLICK HERE

Presentation from the Pipe Challenge 2012

One from a pretty cool Keiki session the other day. Perfect weather and shooting conditions. I think this was my first shot as I was paddling out. Lachie Cramsie dropping into a close out.


Some more Keiki colours for your visual pleasures.


Finally the last image for you guys and I want to leave you with these words.

“The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun.”
-Duke Kahanamoku


The end of the week.

Posted: 12 February 2012 - 7:03pm

The first week in Hawaii has produced some incredible waves and images. We have been fortunate enough to see some amazing sunsets, amazing wave and unreal wave riding both body boarding and surfing.              

Kelly slater in a nice little wedge.

Yesterday was a busy day which consisted of surfing, swimming/shooting, eating and repeating. I swam out to pipeline with my water housing as the swell had died off. Here is a shot of Jase Finlay on a nice little wedge. I have a full sequence of Jase getting pitted but there were too many heads in the way. Maybe next time guys.


The afternoon came and the colour in the water was spectacular, one of my favourite things about Hawaii is the late afternoon light. To get these colours on the Gold Coast I would have to be up super early in the morning (which I struggle with unless there is a new east swell ). Here is one shot of a wave going over the top as I try and capture the oceans good side. More shots to come from this session.



There isn’t much sand at Keiki at the moment as the 15ft swell the day before decided to wash it all away exposing the volcanic rock. Speaking of swell, here is a shot of Jake Stone out at Pipe.


Day 4 - 5 - The rain

Posted: 8 February 2012 - 12:27pm

The first couple days were everything we had hoped for, sun, surf, babes and good times. The tides have turned and the rain has set in. Yesterday at sunset I checked to see if the sun would peak through near the horizon but there was no luck. The wind has turned onshore and the waves are big and messy. The only positve is the crowds out at Pipeline have disappeared because of this. I was able to catch one wave out there today and I got to test the waters to see how much of a sweep there is when you get past the sets. All of which is needed to feel comfortable shooting in the water.


Looking forward to the next offshore day!!!!!

Elliot Williams is one of the guys (14 year old kid….ha got you good sucker) who is staying with us in our house. Elliot rides for BSC and Turbo. The kid rips out in the surf and on the dancefloor, so he tells me anyway. Keep your eyes peeled for some shots of him body boarding soon.


 Profile shot of the young whipper snapper!

Some moody clouds setting over the Waimea bay made for an interesting shot. I had planned on getting up and around the rocks to the left but I left our house too late. Hopefully the weather clears up and some more shots will flock to your desktops.



The catchup - Hawaii

Posted: 5 February 2012 - 4:57pm

Day 3

Today was the first day I took my camera out to shoot the surf. I decided not to take the water housing and to see the setup of OTW, Backdoor and pipeline. OTW was pumping with some of the best waves I have ever seen. I watched a surfer get a 15 second barrel and fly out the barrel after the spit. The on lookers all cheered and clapped. Was the best barrel I have seen in my life! WOW  (WOOOPAAHHHH)

Pipe empty!

I was able to meet some pretty cool guys who all froth on body boarding, Rich Lornie a videographer who has filmed some unreal footage from around the world. Check out his vimeo page. SOOO SICK


Jase Finlay who said he had to make his push bike to be able to ride it, funny enough Sacha Specker had recently posted on Facebook that someone had stolen his bike seat from Pipeline….Coincident…I think not.


The wind was blowing onshore all day today so I decided to go for a snorkel. Got some self portrait shots…..ENJOY