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Northshore Hawaii – The dream

Posted: 5 February 2012 - 5:57am

All around the world surfers, photographers, tourists, kamikaze’s and hell men travel to see this natural phenomenon come to fruition. The best time of year to visit these waves are in-between December to March.

The sand, the girls, the waves and the surfers who dare try to tame the beast called Pipe all flock to this wave either to watch it or participate in the raw carnage that it has to offer. See video here!

As I’m lucky enough to travel to this wonderful land I plan on documenting our trip for you all to see. A photo a day is the goal, they will be showcased on my Facebook page and also here, on my blog.



Hawaii 2012

Posted: 4 February 2012 - 7:23pm

Two thousand and twelve, the year of the tiger, the year of a new breed of mixed drinks consisting of zambuca, redbull and vodka. Nothing will prepare you for the excitement and thrill of what the bubbly cocktail will bring and nothing will help your hangover and gut wrenching stomach pains!!!!


Imagine, Capture, Inspire! Our new motto that truly captures what our goals are. To show you the world in all it’s glory, the colours nature have to offer and show you how lucky we are to be on this earth. My new logo and business cards. Thankyou to Brenton King at who was able to help create what I had in mind and make it even better than I had imagined. His customer service was second to non and I have to say he has been the best person I have delt with in this industry. He was always writing me emails and updating me with ideas, thoughts, colours. If he couldn't get something done in time he was letting me know, which made things a lot more comofortable when it came to crunch time.




Fiddle de dumb, fiddle de dee

Posted: 18 December 2011 - 5:22pm


The warmth in my heart has transferred through to my shutter button finger commonly known as the index finger and released some creative images I’ve been wanting to produce for some time. With the lack of swell the past months I’ve had to adapt to a different perspective. Landscape photography is the weapon of choice. With so much on offer in summer time it’s hard not to want to capture what is around me. My forthcoming months of Jan and February will see me have 2 weeks of relaxing bliss with family and friends and my old mate Jack Daniels. This will no doubt result in some interesting photos and perhaps a few blurred memories. From here we set forth to the place where heroes and champions are made, Pipeline on the North shore of Oahu will be our base camp, the objective is to shoot as much of this pristine wonderland and document my travels from the surf lifestyle, to the hills and mountains.

 I’ve armed myself with a new water housing. I’ve upgraded from the SPL water housing to an Aquatech water housing for my Canon 7D.  The weapon of choice should allow me to shoot my targets in still motion and also video. The controls I have are everything you could ever want, aperture, ISO, Still photography to videography, play back buttons and most important of all, THE SHUTTER BUTTON conveniently placed on the pistol grip.

By the end of February facebook and the social media sights like flickr and Twitter won’t know what hit them, a monsoon of gnarly surf photo’s bombarding the shores of the interweb. This my friends is only the beginning, the beginning of a new dawn, a new era and all the cliché things you can think of.

This photo has nothing to do with what I have written, apart from the fact Brisbane city is part of my life. Every week and every day I sit on the bus “walking the mile” to work. Sitting, starring as the bus driver alternately hits the brakes and accelerator. The stop, start, stop, start motion is as repetitive as my day job. I look around and see the passengers on the bus. I contemplate “do they have meaning in their lives, do they enjoy what they’re doing”. Photography is my utopia. Suddenly the impulse emerges from deep within and I decide it’s time to shoot that place, that place that everyone on the bus will see whilst driving to work. I’ve seen it so many times before, I visualise what it might look like on digital film…..I now ponder if the passengers have ever seen it like this……

-          11:30P.M. on a Saturday night. You ask yourself “what 25 year old male would shoot at that time” One that is extremely bored and wanting to waste some time, one that decides to turn boredom into creative images. Ok perhaps I’m talking myself up, but it’s my blog, my website I’ll do what I want to.



Impromptu photo journey

Posted: 5 November 2011 - 9:25pm

This is something that dawned upon me whilst driving in my car. With my camera in the bag, filters, 10-22mm lense and a full tank of petrol I decided to head west toward Hinze dam. Destination unknown! The idea is to find a location to shoot before sunset and if the sun is setting stop where you’re and make the most of your location. Drive down a road that you haven’t driven down before and try and find a location you want to shoot when the sun is setting.


It was getting close to sunset and I stumbled across this little paddock full of cows and a few trees. I waited for 20minutes waiting for the sun to go down and for those 5minutes or less (excuse the fast and furious pun) I composed, re-composed and adjusted my settings until I had achieved the shot I wanted.

To me this photo is more than just about colour, composition and detail. It represents most of our human’s lives. Often we are unsure of what our destination is, sure we might know where we want to go, but sometimes that’s not where the road will take us. A detour here, a detour there, should we be concerned that our journey may via in another direction? NO of course not, this is what makes us who we are, this is what gives us those experiences in life that we need to be successful. Our journey is what makes us who we are and those little detours and how we handle those impromptu moments is what shapes our lives for the future. This particular photo has a small section of the road visible, most of us can see what’s in front of us, but do we dare venture further to realise our true destiny? Our true potential as human beings?





When life gives you melons, you’re dyslexic!

Posted: 24 October 2011 - 8:47pm


As I lay down on my bed like a blue tongue lizard full from indulging in snails all afternoon, I begin to wonder when the next swell will hit the gold coast. It has been a solid 2.5 months since I have seen or caught a wave of decent proportions.

The surf is flat in surfer’s paradise. At best an oxymoron.

The gold coast 600 attracts thousands of people onto the streets of the gold coast and some of which are nothing but morons who can’t drive.  The drive for me isn’t a weekend of racing and crashes that somewhat resemble choreographed mayhem. It is the ambition to share art in the form of an image captured using my Canon 7D. Perhaps a trip to Hawaii is on the horizon, I can see it like the south swell that passes the gold coast. February 2012…..

Imagine Capture Inspire