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Online store update

Posted: 4 October 2011 - 9:33pm

My online store is now active and completely functioning. Currently we have 4 images that have been printed on 30x20inch kodak MC metallic paper from a professional lab. These surf images look incredible on print. It’s as simple as clicking on the item you would like to purchase and clicking “add to cart”. From there you have the option of continuing to shop or checking out. Once you check out you will be redirected to your paypal account which will allow you to make the payment. If you haven’t got a paypal account you can create one here.

As the hours and minutes go by, products will be added and my store will expand so you can cover your room/apartment/house/building with visual radness from I am also collaborating with another artist who will be creating some extremely unique frames for the next batch of items. Further to this, if you are a friend on my facebook page, you can order the products online..

It’s been a long time since I have taken a surf photo, possibly over 2months now, SIGH.  I thought I better show some photo's that have never been seen before apart from Riptide magazine and myself. I have been holding onto a few empty wave shots from Duranbah beach, waiting to hear back from magazines. Typically though, they keep the pictures on file and do nothing with them until their bi monthly magazine is produced and in stores, whilst you (the photographer)  have been sitting at your desk, waiting for their reply, dreaming of a double page spread. The fact I work a 9-5 job makes it hard to be in the right spot at the right time. To me it seems like the swell and wind never coincides with my weekend or the time I have off from work. For the weekend warrior 2011 hasn’t been a great year for us. If it’s not flat it’s too windy and onshore and if there are waves then there is rain. I constantly see the surf report looking good during the week and dying off by the Friday and dissipating into the weekend..

With that in mind, the last couple of shots I got were a few months ago. It was the weekend of the QAB and most of the local body boarders were up on the Sunshine coast competing. Meanwhile Aeolus (greek god of wind) decided to help his ol'  friend out Poseidon (god of the sea) and turned the winds offshore, it was 3p.m. in the afternoon and I raced down to Duranbah beach, as I pulled up into the parking lot I see a smoking right hand barrel and Rob Laurie getting absolutely pitted off his nut. Unfortunately for me it was his last wave and no one else was out to dominate the 4-6ft barrels. Here is an empty shot from just after Rob left the car park.

This is one of my favourite black and whites. The detail, the depth and the composition really appeals to my eyes.




Digital Camera Photographer of the Year

Posted: 27 September 2011 - 7:53pm

If you’re a photographer or are wanting to enter this competition you best be quick because there is only 2days left. So First things first, head over to because there isn’t much time left to enter.

As the reigning champion I feel I best do my bit to promote this competition as much as I can. For those of you who are unaware I won this event last year, taking out the “Adrenalin” category and also the overall winner. I remember the exact location and what I was doing when I received the phone call from Ben Brain in the UK. My first thought I had when I received the phone call on congratulating me on my photo called “exit wave” which can be found in my portfolio, was “this has to be a friend of mine, pulling my leg and having ago at me”. Sitting down at one of the best Steak houses in Brisbane “the Morrison” with my family and friends, I walked outside to take the call. I was ecstatic hearing I was the overall winner and what I had won. Last year there was over 114,000 entries into this comp. By the looks of it there are even more entries into this competition this year..

Good luck to all of you who enter. If you want to see some of my gnarly photo’s that I have entered this year, follow the link to my page.


Now time for a little self promotion


One of my entries into this year’s competition is this shot called “A Sharks view” Yes I know it’s a little cheesy but I didn’t have much time to think of a good artistic name. This was taken at Duranbah beach on the Gold Coast. I love the way the sun rays come through the surface and separate each beam, the way the wave has broken and how the ripples on the top left corner have formed. This is by far one of my favourite underwater shots I have taken this year.



Even if you don’t want to enter the competition, it’s worth a look if you are wanting some inspiration. Also if you have any questions or are wanting to talk photo’s than head over to my Facebook page and shoot me a message or a wall post.


Landscape photography – The beginning

Posted: 2 August 2011 - 7:29pm

You’re probably aware that one of my true passions is surf photography. I also appreciate and love a good landscape photo. However it has only been recently that I have been able to get my hands on a Lee filter kit and some ND grad filters. For those of you who are scratching your heads wondering “what on earth is a Lee filter kit” it’s an essential piece of equipment for any serious landscape photographer. Instead of your standard circular filters these are designed to either be 4inch x 4inch or 4inch by 6inch. The beauty with these is the ability to even out your exposure. So for instance you have a really bright sky and you’re trying to capture the details in the sky and the foreground. Without these filters you will have to compromise either the detail in the foreground or the details in the sky. This is where the ND (neutral density) filters come in handy. For the moment I have only purchased the graduated ND filters but it’s also possible to get a reverse ND grad filer which is especially helpful with sunrise and sunset shots.


I received these toys from different parts of the world, some from Holland, some from Hong Kong and the rest from America, in total it had taken over 3 weeks to have all items under one roof. During the past week I’ve been itching to get up early and try them out. Today was the first day using these new toys of mine and I must say they were a little bit fiddly to start off with. Perhaps it was the fact my hands had been frozen from the cold 5 degrees and the wind chill. However the results that can be achieved are fantastic and it’s only the beginning of a new era. Here are two shots using the new kit. Both have been taken with a Lee 0.6 ND grad and a Lee Sunset 2 graduated filter.



Be sure to keep an eye out for my landscape photo's in the coming months.

I hope you enjoy and if you would like to follow me on facebook be sure to click the like button.


Back from the future!!!

Posted: 27 July 2011 - 2:46pm


First off my apologies for letting you sit at your computer clicking the refresh button awaiting my next blog post (your index finger is most likely suffering RSI). I’ve been a busy man this first half of the year. Life has brought a lot of ups and downs. More ups than downs thankfully. One in particular was the time spent down on the south coast of NSW with some good friends. I must say it was a long 10 days. It rained every single day and there isn’t much to do apart from wander around looking for potential waves and have a few beers with your mates. By the seventh day some swell had finally decided to join us. We were able to get some fun 3ft waves but the rain was still hanging around making it near impossible to get a decent shot. From a photographic point of view things couldn’t get much worse, from the long walks in the rain lugging my 10kg pelican case full of photographic equipment to the flat dull boring grey skies!  This was going to be a long 10days away!!!


However on my last day of the trip the sun decided to come out and play. I quickly jumped in the water and was able to get a few quick frames.



This golden empty will be available for purchase on a 30x20inch metallic print for $100 for the print only. The store will be up soon.


The welcome post!

Posted: 17 April 2011 - 6:46pm

It's been a long time coming; I've made changes, implemented different styles, come up with different ideas and then scratched those ideas and have finally decided to release V1.0 of! With the help and guidance from Jaymie Jones at Triverse Designs I have finally decided to launch my website "". As you view my website you will notice a lot of my photos revolve around the ocean, the sand and most importantly the people that surf these natural phenomenon’s called “waves”!

This blog is to keep you up to date with my travels, my progression and most of all, share stories through imagery. Stories will be told, beers will be consumed the fun times will be exploited and most of all the photographic journey and adventures will be depicted! The idea is to tell my stories whether they’re in words or via visual stimulus at least once a week. The photo’s displayed in this section will not be found in my portfolio galleries. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


To get the ball rolling, here are a few photos from a recent session on the Gold Coast, Duranbah.


These shot was taken just before I realised I had a leak in my water housing. Luckily it wasn't too serious.


Next stop: Southcoast of NSW